Property Token Issuance & Valuation

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Property Token Issuance & Valuation


Tokenizing and issuing property tokens is a meticulous and deliberate process, which is mainly due to the current regulatory framework in which we must operate. The purpose of these steps is to transfer ownership of a physical real property to a digital asset, in the form of tokens, which represent legal ownership of mentioned real property. This entails a 3-step process:

  1. The Issuer: a corporation, Enbloc LLC, is formed as a Delaware series limited liability company. A series LLC allows for a series of independent entities in one Certificate of Formation. Each entity in the series has an unlimited segregation of membership interests, assets, and operations. Each series entity of Enbloc LLC will own one real property or a portion of one real property.

Each of the membership interest units of a Series is represented by a single unique digital token, or RealBloc Token, on the blockchain. These digital tokens each have a Unique Identification Number (UIN) that is found both in the metadata of the token, and in the Certificate of Formation of Enbloc LLC Series.

“The Issuer” structure will form in all necessary jurisdictions as operations expand internationally.

  • The title deed for the real property asset is held and owned by the entity in the Series; meaning the legal document showing who owns the real property lists the Series as the recorded owner. This is then registered with the local authority, council, land registry, etc… where the property is located and thus ownership of the property by the Series becomes a matter of public record.
  • Enbloc LLC offers a Tokenized Asset Offering (TAO) in a Regulation S and Regulation D offering to investors via a digital asset exchange. Investors must complete a KYC/AML check and agree to the terms and conditions of the purchase agreement to purchase RealBloc Tokens.


Enbloc is using leading oracle solutions to value RealBloc tokens in real-time and on-chain. This allows for multiple use cases to be implemented with tokenized real estate. Enbloc is building an entire real estate ecosystem on the blockchain, utilizing the inherently symbiotic relationship between real estate, blockchain and DeFi.

The integration with an oracle solution provides reliable real estate valuation data to the ecosystem. This valuation data is directly sourced from global real estate consultants such as Knight Frank, JLL, and others.

A direct cryptic link exists between the appraising/valuing consultant and the oracle agent. The oracle agent will then relay the property appraisal data onto the smart contract that holds the respective RealBloc token.

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